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The Cyrillic Alphabet in the Balkans

The following table shows the three main variations of the Cyrillic alphabet used in the Balkans: Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Serbian. Please read it in conjunction with the notes below.

А аaА аaА аaask or father
Б бbБ бbБ бbboy
В вvВ вvВ вvvat
Г гgГ гgГ гggirl
Д дdД дdД дddog
Ђ ђđendure
Ѓ ѓgjlegume
Е еeЕ еeЕ еeegg
Ж жzh, žЖ жžЖ жžmeasure
З зzЗ зzЗ зzzebra
Ѕ ѕdzsuds
И иiИ иiИ иimachine
Й йy, jЈ јjЈ јjyouth
К кkК кkК кkking
Л лlЛ лlЛ лllike
Љ љljЉ љljmillion
М мmМ мmМ мmmet
Н нnН нnН нnname
Њ њnjЊ њnjcanyon
О оoО оoО оohot
П пpП пpП пppin
Р рrР рrР рrrough
С сsС сsС сssad
Т тtТ тtТ тttap
Ћ ћćfuture
Ќ ќkjcure
У уuУ уuУ уurule
Ф фfФ фfФ фffood
Х хh, khХ хhХ хhhot or loch
Ц цc, tsЦ цcЦ цcputs
Ч чch, čЧ чčЧ чčchurch
Џ џЏ џjust
Ш шsh, šШ шšШ шšshow
Щ щsht, štpushed
Ъ ъâ, u, abut or ago
Ь ьy, j, '"soft sign"
Ю юyu, juyouth
Я яya, jayarn

Notes on the table of Cyrillic characters

Some examples: place names in Cyrillic

BulgarianСОФИЯSofija, Sofiya (Sofia in English)
BulgarianВЕЛИКО ТЪРНОВОVeliko Târnovo (or Turnovo)
MacedonianСОЛУНSolun (the name for Thessaloniki in the South Slavic languages)
SerbianБЕОГРАДBeograd (Belgrade in English)
SerbianЦРНА ГОРАCrna Gora (Montenegro in English)