Disclaimer: These pages are not actively maintained, and some of the practical information on the site is out of date. I am working on a new version of the site that will focus more on my photos and memories of travel in Southeast Europe, and less on practical details that too easily become obsolete. In the meantime, please treat the information here with caution.

Mainland Greece :: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best way to get from Greece to Croatia?

    A very common question - so common, in fact, that I have dedicated a whole page to answering it: How to Travel from Greece to Croatia.

  2. Is Greece worth visiting in winter?

    I think that some guidebooks overstate the case against visiting the Greek mainland in winter. Naturally you can't count on good weather, and you will have to adapt your sightseeing to limited daylight hours. But I greatly enjoyed visiting in late November; big cities Athens and Thessaloniki can be enjoyed at any time, and away from the cities it was nice to wander around classical sites virtually empty of visitors. I even saw some people swimming in the sea off Nafplio, but I wouldn't go that far myself. One thing to watch out for is that opening hours of some museums and sites are much shorter than in summer. The timetables printed in guidebooks are often based on summer hours, so if you have set your heart on visiting a particular site, check opening hours in advance rather than turning up and assuming it will be open.